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Halo 3: Best graphics on the worst Halo

So Stephanie was kind enough to pick up Halo 3 for me this week. I played it. It was gorgeous to look at initially. But ultimately it kinda sucks. In Halo 2, the story was convoluted and both over- and … Continue reading

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Hold on, Amazon…

Okay, so I looked a little closer at the Amazon MP3 downloads. Turns out they are NOT 256Kb bitrate files. They’re around 256Kb — they’re Variable Bit Rate (VBR) files. That’s definitely not what I want. If you tell me … Continue reading

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Amazon MP3 store — good so far

Well, Amazon introduced their online MP3 store in beta this week. I just purchased my first album using the service. There are some pros and cons… PROS No DRM lock-down on downloaded tracks, allowing you to move the music where … Continue reading

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Blow it, throw it — just get rid of it

Oh, baby… you’re coming with me. I’ve got a job for you. Last year I used a two-stroke gas engine snow blower (snow thrower — whatever) to keep the driveway clear in a fairly busy winter in Anchorage. Worked okay. … Continue reading

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Early November trip south is set

Beginning Friday, November 2 at 9:42 p.m. (Alaska time), we begin a week-long trip south to visit family in upstate New York and western Massachusetts. We’re flying to Albany (via Minneapolis and Detroit) and will touchdown just before noon on … Continue reading

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Google Reader kicks, um… butt

So I’ve noodled around with Google Reader (a web-based RSS aggregator and reader) before, but not really taken it too seriously. The integration between web page and RSS feed reading in Apple’s Safari browser has made me happy for a … Continue reading

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Now we’re talking dirty

Visit the best part of France — from the comfort of your own bathroom: Creepy part of this site? How happy everyone is to talk about this, um… device. Perhaps clean really is happy. I’m going to take a … Continue reading

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Death by Powerpoint

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