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A Twenty-First Century One Act Play

Scene: Anchorage, AK; Living Room on Vassar Drive We see Stephanie engaged in an on-line chat with her friend in NYC. [laughing] [typing] Time passes and we see Stephanie take her MacBook into the kitchen. Scene: Kitchen of same house … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Well, it’s Stephanie’s birthday today (Sat, 1/26). And it’s friggin’ cold in Anchorage again (currently 10F). But we’re still going to brave the cold (but sunny) weather to go shopping today. Stephanie doesn’t know what we’re shopping for, but I … Continue reading

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Nerd alert!

Bloody cool 4 minutes.  And well done, too.  When can I buy?

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"Hillary Rodham Clinton is a man."

For the past three years I’ve been working in public media, at a company that runs a public TV (PBS) station, a public radio (NPR) station and also a statewide public radio news network. In that time I’ve gotten more … Continue reading

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60 channels and nothing on

So I wrote this long post about how we just upgraded to a new cable package that has all kinds of channels and went on and on about what a screw job this is. But it was boring, so never … Continue reading

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More Flickr (photos) to come

Well, I broke down and finally paid for the “Pro” upgrade on Flickr. For $25, all the photo uploading you can stand for a year — no limits on uploading bandwidth and no storage limits. That means more photos from … Continue reading

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Hey Jason!

So I go to Best Buy this evening to buy a (crappy) Linksys router for a guy at work that needs help setting it up. And Stephanie (who bought Monk – Season 5) introduces me to Jason, a former colleague … Continue reading

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Gasping for Air

Well, I won’t be buying one because I simply don’t need one right now. But she is a beauty. Why is it that Apple has to be the one to make the best computers?  Why isn’t there more competition in … Continue reading

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