60 channels and nothing on

So I wrote this long post about how we just upgraded to a new cable package that has all kinds of channels and went on and on about what a screw job this is. But it was boring, so never mind. Here’s the upshot:

  • We went from basic cable to something like 60 (watchable) channels. Additional cost: $50/month or $600/year.
  • We’ve been watching for a week. The only change? It takes longer to find something to watch. There still isn’t anything on very often that’s worth scheduling your life around.
  • Since for us cable TV and Internet access are bundled, I looked into getting alternative Internet access so we could just dump cable TV and found I don’t really have a comparable alternative for Internet stuff.
  • We’re going back to the basic cable plan, in order to save $600 over the next year and not waste any more time hoping for quality entertainment.

A TiVo would have helped, but not much. We pretty much get our fill of cable when either or both of us travel and stay in a hotel with decent cable. That’s when it’s kind of an exotic treat. If we travel a few times a year for work or whatever, that’s plenty cable.

I do wish I could get a plan that was just Internet service instead of being forced to buy Internet + Phone + Cable TV.

My only regret: I won’t be able to see Battlestar Galactica when it comes back (possibly in March).