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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: An unintentionally scary video about alternative energy

Alternative energy is the next big tech market, the one that will spawn the next Google, or Apple, or Microsoft. But guess what? Those companies probably won’t be based here. As Thomas Friedman pointed out in his column a few … Continue reading

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Gary’s Social Media Counter

via And where is all this time coming from? Who’s losing out? Traditional broadcast or “push” media. The people are doin’ it for themselves now. Not entirely. Not evenly across the populace. But it’s happening. And it’s growing. Pay … Continue reading

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Public media execs are paid far more handsomely than you’d think

Former NPR CEO Kenneth Stern, who departed in 2008, is atop the pubcasting list, receiving $1,319,541 as part of his four-year contract. Another former exec, PBS COO Wayne Godwin, who served from 2000 to 2008, was paid $398,063. Current PBS … Continue reading

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Gmail + Twitter = Crash

Seriously? Yet another Gmail crash? And then Twitter on the same day? Gmail only gave me a little trouble (via IMAP) this morning. But Twitter’s now dead and I can’t reply to some direct messages. Good for Twitter on getting … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’ll take my chances with that $1,305 payout anyway

We find that mortality increases following the arrival of monthly Social Security payments, regular wage payments for military personnel, the 2001 tax rebates, and Alaska Permanent Fund dividend payments. The increase in short-run mortality is large, potentially eliminating some of … Continue reading

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Google Sidewiki launch

Help and learn from others as you browse the web: Google Sidewiki What if everyone, from a local expert to a renowned doctor, had an easy way of sharing their insights with you about any page on the web? What … Continue reading

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NEW! Live e-mail ‘push’ for anyone with an iPhone and Gmail / Google Apps

Using Google Sync, you can now get your Gmail messages pushed directly to your phone. Having an over-the-air, always-on connection means that your inbox is up to date, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Sync works with … Continue reading

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Newspapers want a bailout. Obama is open to the idea?

…the idea that there aren’t blogging reporters is pure folly. In fact, I’d argue that the serious blogs on certain subjects to a lot more to “put stories in context” than your average newspaper reporter, who writes up a quick … Continue reading

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