Newspapers want a bailout. Obama is open to the idea?

…the idea that there aren’t blogging reporters is pure folly. In fact, I’d argue that the serious blogs on certain subjects to a lot more to “put stories in context” than your average newspaper reporter, who writes up a quick take and moves on to the next big thing. Topic-specific blogs are often much more accurate, much more detailed, and much more willing to focus on context than newspaper reporting. So why rescue one bunch of reporters, just because they happen to print on paper?

As always, a great post from Mike Masnick at TechDirt. The newspapers are a deplorable bunch, made all the less sympathetic when they lash out at bloggers, as if that’s the cause of their downfall.

Enough with the bailouts, Mr. Obama. It’s time for economic forces to take their toll on industries that cannot adapt.

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