Irresponsible acts of self-immolation

The future of media isn’t in The Wall Street Journal, no matter how much value it provides society. No, the future is in the web, fast-paced blogs, and social media. The future is in companies that realize that news a day old is, well, a day old. The future is in information discovery, not in hiding content.

Interesting that a core point of the article is that not only is Murdoch’s plan short-sighted and likely to tear apart News Corp, but that Murdoch has a moral obligation as a media leader to prevent the kind of self destruction he’s contemplating.

Personally, I have no idea whether de-listing in Google and signing up for a Microsoft Bing deal is a good financial idea or not. But I relish the chance to witness an attempt. It would be fascinating to watch and I wouldn’t shed a tear over Murdoch committing business suicide, if that’s what it becomes.

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