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Late night TV shaken up by changing media habits

The contract between viewers and late-night hosts can be an intimate one. Yet while we all like to be told bedtime stories, in the main, late-night television is very hit or miss. We watch and wait for the moment of … Continue reading

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Spread the word for Doctors Without Borders

via Spread the word using a variety of banner ads / images from Doctors Without Borders. Posted via web from jmproffitt

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Nexus One: 20,000 / iPhone 3GS: 1,600,000

via This is not good. I love the iPhone, but it needs competition. While the Android series of phones are interesting, they still aren’t stacking up as serious competitors, either from a unit sales perspective or, more importantly, from … Continue reading

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Techdirt on the Cable TV vs. Internet battle

…both of these stories suggest a prime battleground for the next year: as the old TV businesses come to grips with the internet (finally). Just like other parts of the entertainment industry, it will be messy and annoying — and … Continue reading

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Obscene wastefulness at the TSA and DHS

It would make sense to fight the next battle, for once, instead of the last one. Sense, though, is not the criteria by which public money is spent in this country—and it hasn’t been for a long time. via … Continue reading

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Seth Godin: Is there a fear shortage?

If you see something, say something. Hmmm. Has that actually worked? Or x-raying shoes? When was the last time a bad guy was foiled because he couldn’t use a good camera to take a picture of a tourist attraction? Why … Continue reading

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Terrorists vs. flying vs. driving vs. food

…a risk-free flight has never existed; nor has a risk-free car trip; nor a risk-free ocean liner voyage; nor a risk-free bike ride. To be alive is to face risks. via And don’t get me started on cars vs. … Continue reading

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David Brooks: The God That Fails

All this money and technology seems to have reduced the risk of future attack. But, of course, the system is bound to fail sometimes. Reality is unpredictable, and no amount of computer technology is going to change that. Bureaucracies are … Continue reading

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