I did it. It’s done.

Well, I broke down and got one. The 16GB iPod Touch. I couldn’t take it any longer. Had to have it.

The question is whether I’ll bother to get an iPhone next year when they come to Alaska. Possibly.  I would like to have the iPhone’s more integrated e-mail application as well as the built-in camera and the ability to browse (albeit slowly) away from a WiFi access point.  But at a minimum of $60/month for service, I’m not sure that makes sense for me. I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone, cell or otherwise.

So far, so good. The web browsing is better than I remember from testing someone else’s unit. And Google’s efforts to mobilize it’s GMail and Reader apps is impressive — they’re very easy to use and great on the mobile screen.

Anyway, it’s done.