Super Mario Galaxy is go!

About a year and week ago I picked up our Nintendo Wii. I had actually stood on line at a retailer in friggin’ freezing Alaskan weather for about an hour the night of release, but missed out by one sales ticket. One! Anyway, I kept checking a local retailer at every opportunity and finally stumbled across one about a week later and snapped it up on sight. Little did I know that a full year later people are still trying to get Wii consoles. You can’t even order them on Amazon for cryin’ out loud! Meanwhile the Nintendo DS Lite continues to break records, too and Nintendo stock continues to rise…

Anyway, since the purchase we’ve pretty much stuck to Wii Sports, plus the first Zelda title. The Zelda game is pretty cool, but I’m not much for endless quest games, so that’s pretty much sitting on the shelf. But late on Black Friday this year I ventured out and picked up Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, based on podcast recommendations.

Best. Game. Yet.

Serious gamers scoff at the Wii’s graphics (I also have a 360, so I know the difference). But the Wii control scheme is second to none and makes for a fun — and even exhausting — gaming platform. Super Mario Galaxy kicks up the graphics a notch with a fast-moving colorful Marioesque 3D world. Even the musical score is well done. It’s much more immersive than Wii Sports.

So IF you can get your hands on a Wii, be sure to pick up Super Mario Galaxy. Next up: Super Paper Mario and perhaps that new Battallion Wars 2. Oh, and two more controllers. We’ve got friends coming over…