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The most important corporate culture doc today

Netflix has the key. They’ve thought it through and have nailed 21st century management theory and corporate culture. This is a tour de force of business intelligence…

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What is that color she’s wearing?

What is relevant criticism? If you are a woman running for President of the United States, even your supporters will criticize your hair, fashion, emotionalism (or lack thereof). Stanley Fish called the irrelevant criticism of candidate Hillary Clinton for what … Continue reading

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A Twenty-First Century One Act Play

Scene: Anchorage, AK; Living Room on Vassar Drive We see Stephanie engaged in an on-line chat with her friend in NYC. [laughing] [typing] Time passes and we see Stephanie take her MacBook into the kitchen. Scene: Kitchen of same house … Continue reading

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"Hillary Rodham Clinton is a man."

For the past three years I’ve been working in public media, at a company that runs a public TV (PBS) station, a public radio (NPR) station and also a statewide public radio news network. In that time I’ve gotten more … Continue reading

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Mac usage pretty high in Alaska

Interesting stats from a recently-released report on who’s using Macs to access the Internet… The states with the highest percentage of Mac users, in order, were Hawaii (15.9 percent), Vermont, (15.1 percent), California (12.8 percent), Oregon (12.7 percent), New York … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy is go!

About a year and week ago I picked up our Nintendo Wii. I had actually stood on line at a retailer in friggin’ freezing Alaskan weather for about an hour the night of release, but missed out by one sales … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

If you’re feeling a little nutty – in a fun sort of way – take some funny pictures of your cat and submit them to¬†icanhascheezburger.¬†Or just browse through the photos and see if you find yourself smiling, maybe even laughing. … Continue reading

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Halo 3: Best graphics on the worst Halo

So Stephanie was kind enough to pick up Halo 3 for me this week. I played it. It was gorgeous to look at initially. But ultimately it kinda sucks. In Halo 2, the story was convoluted and both over- and … Continue reading

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