A Twenty-First Century One Act Play

Scene: Anchorage, AK; Living Room on Vassar Drive

We see Stephanie engaged in an on-line chat with her friend in NYC.



Time passes and we see Stephanie take her MacBook into the kitchen.

Scene: Kitchen of same house

Stephanie and her friend continue their on-line conversation.

Stephanie fills pot with water for cooking pasta.


Stephanie adds pasta to water, stirs.

Looks to see if there is a response from her friend.

Puts broccoli in a container and places into microwave. Starts microwave.

Reads text from friend and replies with a question about kitchen light fixture.

Scene: Same kitchen

We see Stephanie holding the MacBook so camera points to ceiling. Snaps picture of light fixture with Photo Book program. Places Mac Book on counter. Stirs pasta.

Stephanie returns to MacBook and uses Photo Booth to take a picture of herself with funny expression. Opens e-mail program.

Stephanie e-mails the two photos to her friend and awaits response.

Drains pasta.

Stephanie returns to online chat as husband John enters and they begin talking about work.

[improvised conversation]


Stephanie [aside]:
It was a really big deal when my mother got a microwave.

– end –

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

If you’re feeling a little nutty – in a fun sort of way – take some funny pictures of your cat and submit them to icanhascheezburger. Or just browse through the photos and see if you find yourself smiling, maybe even laughing.

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These are a few of the blogs I visit regularly. There is no overarching theme and no connection between them. Simple, individual moments disconnected one from the other until I click.